Thursday, 27 August 2015

As you may have already heard, Inaburra Junior School is participating in Operation Christmas Child Appeal this year. This is an opportunity for students to assist other children in the world who are less fortunate then themselves.
The students are very excited about this and are eager to get stated. A note is available on the Parent Portal with further information.
Each student will receive a note detailing one type of item that they have been asked to contribute. This may be something to wear, something to play with, or something to love, just to name a few.
As students bring in these item to school, each class with be filling shoe sized boxes which can then be distributed to other children in countries around the world.
Please include a $2 donation with your item as the cost of sending each box is $9 and a donation of $2 per child will cover this.
Families may also wish to complete an entire box themselves and we are able to supply you with the box and necessary paperwork. Please let your class teacher know if you wish to have a box sent home.
All items need to be brought to school before the end of the term.
Thank you in advance for your participation and generosity.

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