Sunday, 27 November 2016

Olden Days School

Stage One stepped back in time today to experience what it was like to be school student in the past.

We began our lessons in a room which had blackboards and all the desks were in rows. Our teachers checked our fingernails and behind our ears for cleanliness. We had to sit up very straight and keep our hands folded on the desk. No one was allowed to speak.

Mrs Harris told us that left-handed children must write with their right-hand or otherwise they were punished. We all tried writing with the hand we don't normally write with to see what it was like for left-handed students in the past. Children used to get hit on the hand with a ruler or stick if they held their pencil incorrectly.

Headmaster Coote visited and we all had to stand to greet him. He made us chant arithmetic sums 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and so on. Headmaster Coote told us about when he went to school. He was very scary!

Mrs Davis gave us a reader. It was simple and boring. We had to read it altogether. We like the books we read in our classroom today much better.

After our lessons we were allowed to play. Miss Everist and Miss Plummer showed us some olden days games. Year Two played with inside games such as Pick-Up Sticks, Jumbling Blocks, Dominoes and Snakes and Ladders. Year One played outside with quoits, hoops, hopscotch, elastics and skipping ropes. It was a lot of fun. Next Monday, we will swap and Year One will play inside games while Year Two play outside.

Here are some of our photos. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Today's clues were a little tricky!

My animal has a camouflaging body.
It is a carnivore.
Its mouth and nose are on its belly.
It uses its tail as protection as it may produce venom.
It uses its wings to move around its environment.

They will live 5-8 years.
They will likely end up as a meal.
They have been around for over 2000 years.
Their heartrate is over 275 beats a minute.
They are birds.

Their bendy wrists are helpful.
Some people keep them as a pet.
There are different kinds of them.
They don't really bark.
They live a long time in captivity.
They are Australian.

I am extinct.
I lived under water.
I am very large.
I am the biggest of my group of animals.
I can kill.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

More Clues!

Can you guess these animals?

It eats fish.
It swims in the water.
It lives in the ocean but it can live in the zoo.
It can be pink or grey.
It has a long nose.

I am nocturnal.
I live in all continents except Antarctica.
I glow under black lights.
I am venomous.
I can survive for 6-12 months on one meal.

My animal has yellow eyes.
It has a long tail.
It has sharp claws.
It has sharp teeth.
It is a carnivore.
It has round ears.

My animal lives all across the northern part of Australia.
It is the largest reptile in the world.
It can grow up to 7 metres long.
It mostly eats fish, turtles, water birds and other small reptiles.
It lays eggs in a nest during summer.
You should never smile at my animal.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Year One are having a wonderful time giving their classmates clues about different animals.
Can you guess which animal from the clues below?

My animal has brown fur.
It is a mammal.
It lives in South Africa.
It really likes bananas.
It says, 'Oo oo ah ah.'
- Lara

My animals is an extremely patient and intelligent animal.
It is only found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.
This animal only eats fruit, leaves, bark, honey, insects and even bird eggs.
It spends most of its time in trees.
Its name translated means 'person of the forest.'
It has reddish-brown hair.
Its arms stretch out longer than its body.
- Beau

My animal has golden coloured fur.
It has excellent hearing an dsnese of smell.
It hunts for food at night.
It makes a howling noise.
It lives in Australia.

My animal lives and sleeps high in trees.
It is nocturnal.
It eats mostly bamboo shoots and leaves but also roots, berries, fruits and small animals like mice and lizards.
It is found in South East Asia, China and Nepal.
It has reddish-brown fur and a long bushy tail.
It grows to the size of a large cat.

My animal is a herbivore.
It comes in lots of different colours.
It eats food very quickly.
It can live in your backyard.
It only lives for two to four weeks.
-Max L

My animal has four legs.
It runs along my fence at night and climbs trees.
It is furry.
It has a curved tail.
Its likes fruit.
- Harrison

My animal has thick woolly grey fur.
It is a herbivore.
It is a marsupial.
It lives in trees.
It has sharp claws and opposable digits (thumbs).

My animal can't walk backwards.
It is a flightless bird.
Its babies have stripes.
It has lots of feathers.
It is native to Australia.
It is on the Australian Coat of Arms.

My animal is a mammal.
It has brown fur.
It has a long sticky tongue.
It lives in Australia.
It has quills.

My animal eats green leaves.
It sleeps standing up.
It sleeps only ten minutes a day.
It lives in South Africa.
Some people call it a camel marked like a leopard.

My animals is about 180cm tall when it is fully grown.
It produces really fine wool.
It is part of the camelid group which includes camels and alpacas.
Just like a camel, my animal spits, which it uses as a defence.
My animal's name rhymes with farmer and pyjama.
- Amelia

My animal is about 42cm tall and weighs about 2 kilograms.
It likes to live in a group.
It can't swim but it is good at climbing trees.
It is covered in fur.
It is an endangered animal.
It likes to eat flowers, plants, small insects and rotting bark.
It has a long black and white tail.
It only lives in Madagascar or in a zoo.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Olden Days School

On Monday 28 November Years 1 and 2 are going to travel back in time to see what it was like in an olden days classroom.

The children are encouraged to dress up. We have been calling the 'olden days' anytime before 1960's. (Their grandparent's and great-grandparent's school days).

Please see the note on the Portal.

Here are some costume ideas.