Sunday, 2 April 2017

Mission Week Celebrations

On Thursday K-2 played games, found treasure and made awesome bookmarks to remind us of the Bible verse from John 15:10 “God’s angels throw a party every time someone turns to God.”

On Friday we had an assembly full fun, singing and celebrating.

There was a food challenge between teachers and parents and the students. To find the words of the Bible verse they had to eat all different kinds of foods such as marshmallows, grapes, cheese and  even vegemite! The teachers and parents won but we think that is because they have bigger mouths!!!

The teachers did a play about a gift that was absolutely free but everyone either ignored the gift or couldn’t believe it was for free except for one person who opened the gift and found a truly amazing present. This reminded us that God’s gift of forgiveness is given to everyone, we just have to accept it.

After the assembly we were given Mission Bags which had a booklet about Being on God’s Team, an Easter egg, a ‘lost’ chocolate coin and a lip-shaped party blower. We also had hot cross buns to celebrate the end of Mission Week.

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