Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Parc Menai Excursion

This Friday we are going to 
Parc Menai 
for our HIGE Suitable Spaces 

Here are further details:

Students are to wear sports uniform and hat.

Excursion Bags
Lunch and a drink are the only items necessary in the excursion bag. Students will need to carry their bags while on the excursion.

School Bags
School bags can be brought to school as usual to carry any other items your child needs in the day e.g. recess, toys, extra drink bottles etc. School bags will be left at school while we are on our excursion.

Yellow Folders and Homework
Yes!! Send the yellow folder and homework to school as usual.

Violin lessons will still be conducted prior to the excursion. 
Please send violins to school as usual.

Parent Helpers
We have had many parents interested in helping. Thank you. We will contact you today regarding whether we need your help on the excursions both this week and next.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Friends of Ten

We had so much fun in Maths Groups and on Monday and Thursday.
Thanks to all the parents who helped us learn our 'Friends of Ten.'

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Today the Bilbies and Echidnas are bringing home their new homework booklets.

The green booklet is spelling homework. 

The purple booklet contains:

  • Homework information,
  • Mathletics Username and Password 
  • Speaking and Listening topics and 
  • Oral Counting Goals.

Tomorrow students will bring home their home reading book and record card

Students will be assigned a Speaking and Listening day tomorrow.
This week's Speaking and Listening topic is free choice. As there are no special days this week, students may speak on any day. 

Please make sure all homework is returned to school each Friday.

Mrs Harris will hopefully be 'back on deck' tomorrow (although a little quieter than normal until her voice returns!!!)

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Maths groups - 2D shapes!

This week we have learnt all about 2D shapes! We have learnt to name them and describe their features. Our challenge this week was to learn some of the more complex 2D shapes including pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We worked so hard and by the end of the week, most of us knew these more difficult shapes. We finished off the week playing some fun games to consolidate what we had learnt about 2D shapes!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Science Experiments with a Peepbox

This week in Bright Light Outta Sight we explored what we could see in a peepbox with and without a light.

When we peered through the hole in the box we could only see darkness. Then we lifted the flap on the box and let some light in. We discovered that there were stickers stuck on the inside of the box. After that we used a torch to shine more light into the box and we saw that the stickers had shiny glitter on them.

We learnt that we need light to see objects and colours. We also learnt that light reflects off objects and that is why we can see them.

Thank you families for sending in the shoe boxes and tissue boxes so that we could do our experiment. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Phoneme Fingers Answers

Dear Parents,

As promised - the answers are now on the blog under the Homework tab. 

Check them out and see how well you did on your own!

Mrs Harris and Miss Everist

Friday, 10 February 2017

Tissue boxes or shoe boxes needed!

If you have any spare shoe boxes or empty tissue boxes at home please send them into school.
We will being doing a science experiment on light in Week 3 using boxes.

Thanks for your help.

What have we done in Maths this week?

This week we have been counting forwards and backwards.

Our goal this term is to count backwards from 100! We are getting very good at counting backwards from 20.

We have played lots of games to help us learn how to order numbers and to quickly determine the number before or after a given number.

Here are some photos of us working hard in numeracy groups.

Next week we will be learning all about 2D shapes.


Today we started our unit for this term - Suitable Spaces. 

The learning intention was to understand natural and man-made materials and to understand what has changed in the playground.

We investigated the work that has been done so far in changing our playground space. To do this we looked at the playground from different views. We viewed the playground from the Stage 3  Stage 3 learning space and then the Stage 2 verandah. As we were observing we were thinking about what was man-made and what is natural. During our investigations we also thought about what had changed so far during the construction. Here we are looking at the dug up playground.