Sunday, 19 March 2017

What Is Your Favourite Dr Seuss Book?

Look at 1 Echidnas' favourite Dr Seuss books. 
We shared why we liked the book 
and our favourite part of the story.
Can you see who made their own Dr Suess book 
with their photo on the cover?? 
What a great idea! It made us all giggle!

(Two cheeky monkeys missed out on getting their photos taken!)

Choir Fun

This week Choir moved to the Year 1 classrooms. 
Thanks Mrs Lee for making Choir so much fun!!!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Cronulla Excursion

The sun came out and we were able to explore Shelly and Oak Parks in Cronulla.

We identified natural and man-made features in the environment and discussed the purpose of these features. We thought about what features have been created for people to enjoy their time at Shelly Park and Oak Park and to make the parks accessible for all users. We brainstormed how these spaces might be improved and we unanimously agreed that Oak Park needed a better playground!! We will be using our excursion observations in our HIGE lesson on 'Suitable Spaces' this week.

Here are some photos from our excursion.

Thanks to the wonderful parents who came 
on our excursion with us.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Playing With Shadows

This week in Science we discovered that shadows are 
places where light has not travelled. 
We learnt that we have shadows because we are opaque 
and light cannot pass through opaque materials. 

We had a wonderful time making shadows 
and playing with our shadow puppets.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Is your container cupboard looking a little empty?

We may have your containers! This is just a friendly reminder to please label your child's belongings. If you are missing some containers like these, please ask your child to talk to Miss Everist.

Thank you!


This Friday we are going to 
for our HIGE Suitable Spaces 

Here are further details:

Students are to wear sports uniform and hat.

Excursion Bags
Lunch and a drink are the only items necessary in the excursion bag. Students will need to carry their bags while on the excursion.

School Bags
School bags can be brought to school as usual to carry any other items your child needs in the day e.g. recess, toys, extra drink bottles etc. School bags will be left at school while we are on our excursion.

Yellow Folders and Homework
Yes!! Send the yellow folder and homework to school as usual.

NO VIOLINS!!!! Students will have a special Strings lesson this week that doesn't require them to use their instruments.

Please pray the rain lets up so we can go and enjoy the outdoors.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Wonderful Week of Creativity

Oz Opera came to school to perform 

We enjoyed watching the fairy-tale mash-up of 
Billy Goats Gruff 
using the instrumental music from 
the opera called Carmen.

We came into the classroom one morning and discovered 
our last week's artwork was hanging in our rooms.
We have all become 

Mrs Tasker and Miss Everist taught us how to draw 
Dr. Suess' Cat in the Hat. 
It was called a directed drawing
This meant we did the drawing in steps. 
We had to listen and watch carefully to each step 
and then try it on our own
It took a long time but we were engaged in every moment and 
we felt very proud of our artworks.