Wednesday, 8 March 2017


This Friday we are going to 
for our HIGE Suitable Spaces 

Here are further details:

Students are to wear sports uniform and hat.

Excursion Bags
Lunch and a drink are the only items necessary in the excursion bag. Students will need to carry their bags while on the excursion.

School Bags
School bags can be brought to school as usual to carry any other items your child needs in the day e.g. recess, toys, extra drink bottles etc. School bags will be left at school while we are on our excursion.

Yellow Folders and Homework
Yes!! Send the yellow folder and homework to school as usual.

NO VIOLINS!!!! Students will have a special Strings lesson this week that doesn't require them to use their instruments.

Please pray the rain lets up so we can go and enjoy the outdoors.

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