Sunday, 26 March 2017

Let's Celebrate!

This week is Mission Week!

We had a special assembly this morning to celebrate.

It started with a dance party and singing. 

Then the teachers did a play about a shepherd who had lost his sheep and then found it again. Mrs Harris was the shepherd and her lost sheep was called 'Buttercup.'

We played Pass-the-Parcel to find pieces of the memory verse and we got a bag of lollies to share!

Mr Bowden lost his phone and he was really worried because he didn't know how he would survive without it. Everyone helped him look for it. He was so happy when it was found. Mr Bowden told us that his phone is just a phone and it could be replaced if he needed to. He told us to imagine what it would be like if he had lost a person! Mr Bowden reminded us that God never wants to lose a person and he searches for us until we are found.

We sang another song called, 'Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate!' It had a lot of clapping. 

After the assembly we were given colourful bandanas to wear this week. It is to help remind us that we are celebrating Mission Week and that it is special.

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